Compatible brother MFC-L2700DW printer TN660 toner cartridge operation tips

Toner Cartridge Model: Brother toner cartridge TN660

Applicable models: Brother Brother DCP-HL2520DW/HL2540DW/HL2320/2340/2360/2380/2500
MFC-2700/2720DW/2740, and so on.

Page yield: 2500 prints can be printed at 5% coverage of A4 paper

common problem:
First, how do the toner cartridges separate?
After the toner cartridge machine is removed, press the blue button in the lower left corner to separate the toner cartridge.

Second, the powder box bonus method and precautions?
After the Brother tn660 toner cartridge is used, it can be refilled.
First open the lid and introduce the matching format toner into the reasonable one. After filling the powder, close the lid and make sure the lid is in the same position as the picture. If it is inconsistent, the lid of the powder is not tight, and the rear panel cannot be fully assembled. on).

Third, the machine prompts the following situations?
1. Toner lower: low powder. Solution, the toner cartridge is cleared.
2. Drum change: Replace the drum cartridge.
3. Splide green: clean the green slider, this prompt is the corona wire under the filter value filter screen, wipe the corona wire under the filter with an alcohol swab; if the cleaning is invalid, you need to replace the new drum frame, and because The corona wire has a service life. If it is repeatedly rubbed repeatedly, it will break.

Fourth, the print has a stamp?
If the finger touches the drum core when replacing the toner cartridge, clean the impurities on the drum core, and push the gears on the left and right sides of the drum core before or after the left and right hands, and rotate the drum core to display the impression. (A clean soft tissue can be used).

Fifth, the new toner cartridge still prompts to replace the toner cartridge?
Please contact the printer’s customer service, customer service will provide a clear method.


How to install TN760 toner cartridges

Brother TN760 Toner Cartridge is new upgraded for TN660, which is new release of the v4ink. TN660 is black toner cartridges, and it delivers consistent professional print quality with a 3,000-page yield. BrotherTN760 Toner Cartridge is intelligently engineered to work with your Brother printer to produce crisp mono laser prints that last over time. TN760 is compatible for numbers of model of printer, including: HL-L2350DW, HL-L2390DW, HL-L2395DW, HL-L2370DW, DCP-L2550DW, MFC-L2710DW, MFC-L2750DW, HL-L2370DW XL, MFC-L2750DW XL.

How to replace TN760 compatible toner cartridges

  1. Take the old toner cartridge and drum unit out

Lift up the entire scanner unit and wait for the carriage to center. You can take out the cartridge you need to replace by gently pulling it up and out from the printer.

  1. Press the green tab down to make the toner popped out automatically
  2. Pick up the old toner cartridge from drum unit
  3. Remove the old chip from your OEM toner with a tweezers
  4. Insert the chip into the new toner cartridge and press it several times
  5. Shake the new toner cartridge for a good printing performance
  6. Remove the protective cover in orange color

Note:Touching the black developer roller by your hands is prohibited

  1. Insert the new cartridge into the drum unit you will hear a clatter
  2. Install new toner and drum unit into your printer
  3. Now enjoy your printing

How to save on TN760 toner cartridges.

High yield cartridge options are the easiest way to cut down on printing costs in the long term.  If you are looking to save even more, consider buying compatible toner cartridges at And you should know, using compatible toner cartridges is good for our environment, which could reduce the e-waste.


Cartridge Capacity: extra-high yield

Maximum Yield Per Unit : 4,500 pages

Color: black

Compatible Machine Models  Brother:HL-L2370DW,HL-L2370DW,MFC-L2750DW,MFC-L2750DW XL

DR730 Drum Unit

Yields up to 12,000 pages

Compatible Machine Models Brother printers: DCP-L2550DW, HL-L2350DW, HL-L2370DW, HL-L2370DW XL, HL-L2390DW, HL-L2395DW, MFC-L2710DW, MFC-L2750DW, MFC-L2750DW XL

What is the Difference Drum Unit vs Toner Cartridges?

When you are shopping for toner cartridge online, you usually will find drum unit and toner cartridge. What is the difference between the two? And what should we buy?

At first, we have to figure out toner cartridges and drum unit.

Toner cartridge like TN660/TN630, are fairly simple pieces of equipment. They are essentially a plastic casing that contains the toner powder.

Drum unit Like DR630 is an electrically charged cylinder that transfers that toner powder to paper to create out text and images. Without a drum unit, the toner powder in the cartridge cannot be transferred onto the page. The two parts work together to create a print!  You can’t have one without the other and expect the printer to work properly.

Both of these components are essential for printer. Toner cartridges contain a finite amount of toner powder, so they can only print a limited amount of pages. While A drum unit usually only needs to be replaced after about 3-4 toner cartridges have been replaced, and some drum units can last a little longer. For example, Brother HL-3040CN is a color digital printer; so it needs four different color toner cartridges and drum unit. Its black cartridge has an approximate page-yield of 2200 pages, the three other colors such as cyan, magenta and yellow can yield 1400 pages, while the drum units can deliver 15,000 pages. With these figures, you can now determine which among these two consumables can certainly last longer.

Generally, your printer will let you know if the toner cartridge or the drum unit needs to be replaced. If your printer doesn’t let you know that the toner cartridge or drum unit needs to be replaced, you can check the quality of the prints. If the prints you are getting are faded, you will need to replace your toner cartridge. If you are getting blank spaces or streaks in your print, you will need to replace the drum unit.

Buying a new toner/drum combination every time ensures your print quality is consistent throughout the life of your printer, but that premium cost adds up, especially if those cartridges are upwards of a hundred dollars.  The price breakdown of a separate toner and separate drum unit is slightly different.  Separate toners are generally less expensive since you are just paying for the container part that holds the toner powder.  The technology is not quite as complex as a toner/drum combination cartridge, so it doesn’t cost as much to produce.

Common Sense of Using Toner Cartridges

A few phenomena that appear frequently

Toner powder: in addition to the shell damage, it is usually the reason of the magnetic stick product in the toner cartridges during the transportation process or during the use of some customers. The solution is simple, just turn the drum core in a few circles.

  1. Print file and brother dr630 drum core also appear at the same time with the same width of the same width of the vertical black road, the general customers also think of it as a drain powder: this is the problem of the scraper, the powder on the core is not clean.
  2. Print files appear to be vertical and dark: usually scratches on the edges of scratches and scratches, or scraps of paper.
  3. The horizontal black road appears in the print file: it is usually the magnetic stick in the toner cartridges, which can be rolled in a few circles.
  4. If there is an obvious bottom grey on the print file: usually it is a drum core or a carbon powder problem.
  5. Print color uneven, the famous white: from the outside magnetic stick can also see the carbon powder, if see magnetic stick on some places have pink, no powder in some places, show that the drum unit carbon powder to run out.
  6. If the printer has a blank sheet of paper: check the printer first if there is any problem, if there is no problem, then the toner cartridges are out of question during assembly.
  7. In addition to the above questions, you can usually think of the printer as a problem.

Pay attention to the problem when using the toner

In order to ensure the normal work of the toner cartridges you purchased, we provide some Suggestions for your reference:

  1. Avoid using or storing in high temperature, high humidity and high cold environment. Avoid long exposure to bright light;
  2. Do not open the black bag when not in use, and do not open the light-sensitive drum cover on the toner cartridge, so as to prevent the drum core from scratching or being exposed to strong light.
  3. Do not touch the drum core or rotate the drum core by hand. When the core is rotating, it should pay attention to the direction. If the rotation direction is not correct, it will damage the part to cause the printing of the leaking powder or printing smudges.
  4. Do not tear off the seal before using the cartridge, otherwise the toner is easy to get damp, causing the printing color to be weak.
  5. When replacing the compatible toner cartridge, it is better to use the vacuum cleaner or soft cloth to clean the remaining ink or paper cuttings in the printer.
  6. Please hold the handle to shake the handle in horizontal direction 4-5 times before using the toner, so as to loosen the ink powder and distribute evenly, then pull out the sealing bar, which will help to print the color evenly.
  7. When choosing the printing paper, do not use wrinkles, incisions or excessively thick, too thick, such as printing medium, otherwise it will affect the quality of printing and shorten the life of the sensitive drum;
  8. Like a computer, a laser printer is best placed in an air-conditioned environment to get the best print effect and reduce the failure rate.
  9. Please put the cartridges in the appropriate laser printer in the correct direction.
  10. Do not open the toner hood and touch the surface of the sensitive drum. Do not turn the sensitive drum.


Cost-Effective Compatible Brother TN660 Toner Cartridge is on Sales!

Inkesale compatible Brother TN660 black high yield toner cartridge is the complete monochrome solution for your brother laser printer. Moreover, the replacements Brother TN660 is designed to work with popular Brother laser printers.

Our brother TN660 has absolute advantage in any aspects and you can make a comparison between the OEM and our product.

Our TN660 toner cartridge’s page yield high at 2600pgs which is as the same as the OEM. In terms of the cost, you can find it in high at $45.99 while our product is only cost $18.99, which has visual superiority you can feel it. If you plan to use brother tn660 for a long time, I believe the price differences between OEM and inkesale will give you lots of extra cash over a few years. Never mind worrying that our product will bother you, I believe many customers and returning customers has chosen inkesale product which is proofing strongly that our product is trustworthy. If you find any problems you can ask our professional after-sales service within two years, and the high 100% satisfaction is guaranteed also with two year warranty for refund or replacement is always waiting for you. If you receive any flaw products, you can return it and get a full refund and certainly return shipping is absolutely free. As for an OEM one, you only have one year warranty.

Considering some customers’ worries, as following parts there is special part that we are ready to answer some common problems for you.

  1. Whether the toner cartridge is suitable for my Brother laser printer?

This toner cartridge will work with the following printers. Brother laser printers: HL L2300D, HL L2305W, HL L2340DW, HL L2360DW. Brother all-in-one printers: HL L2380DW, DCP L2520DW, DCP L2540DW, MFC L2700 DW, MFC L2720DW, MFC L2740DW.

  1. What’s the difference between TN630 and TN660?

TN630 is the standard yield toner cartridge that will only deliver up 1200 pages. TN660, by comparison, is a high yield toner cartridge that has twice the pate yield, up to 2600 pages. In fact, both TN630 and TN660 are interchangeable and compatible with the same Brother laser printers.

  1. How often do I need to change my drum?

According to our professional test, we highly suggest that you should change your dr630 drum unit after using three TN660 toner cartridges for reliable performance. Everything has its golden life and we should make good use of it. Meanwhile learning how to protect our toner cartridge correctly can’t ignore as well.

It’s very cost-effective of our Brother TN660 toner cartridge that it deserves for you to have a try. If you want more details, you can click our official website:, more surprises are waiting for you!


Under What Circumstances Should We Change The Toner Cartridge or Filling The Toner?

Cheap Toner cartridges are necessary supplies for late use of laser printers. Therefore, in the current office printing industry, toner cartridges are the focus of user’s attention.

There are two kinds of toner cartridges: one is the original toner cartridges, the other is the compatible toner cartridges. Due to the low threshold of non-original consumables purchase and low cost, the most important factor-they’re reliable quality make them very popular among users in the market. Besides, compatible supplies include filling powder, regeneration toner cartridge and general toner cartridge and so on. Then we highlight the irrigation powder and recycled toner cartridges for analysis, because the recycled consumables are mainly recycled and regenerated and the irrigation is the simplest form of regeneration, which can be reused through irrigation.

Most of the toner cartridges filling toner are made by outsourcing print service providers, and dealers through the process of filling and regenerating the laser printing equipment. Before this process is produced, it is necessary for the user to determine whether the laser printer has carbon powder. In general, when appearing white line in the middle printing documents, we can preliminary judgment toner cartridge’ powder basically is not much. Users can use to take out the toner cartridge after shaking cartridge gently. When the white lines don’t appear again after shaking we can solve the problems. So that we can completely determine toner cartridge has no carbon powder and we can prepare for filling the toner.

Outsourcing service provider or dealer engineer come to provide the service for you. They generally using some common tools to help users fill the toner, such as big blow the balloon, small screwdriver, pliers, screwdriver and medical cotton, they also have prepared the corresponding bottled putting carbon powder.

The main advantage of general toner cartridge is the professional engineer on the service to solve problems for you, and user is relatively easy for this situation. From machine testing to the whole process of filling powder has professional technical engineers to determine detection. After filling powder, if it is found that there existing certain questions, the technical engineer will be free for users to try to solve the problems, which can timely processing machine fault, logistical support for the users to use the printer. But there is one shortcoming that the simple regeneration process, if having installation question then it will cause some problem such as powder leakage.

Renewable material relatively much cheaper in the marker price and allow users install toner cartridge by themselves. So they can undertake batch purchasing, to a certain extent, it can improve the work efficiency of the users, and does not need to like filling powder which needs to wait for engineer to use the door to fill powder. Weakness is renewable materials once from small workshops and sometimes the stability is poorer and equipment failure will also cause the loss of user productivity.

So buy a safe and reliable laser printer brother toner cartridge is very important for everybody. A high efficient toner cartridge can effectively cut down your cost and don’t spend more energy and time to solve trouble things. After all, we cost the money to solve the problem rather than create problems.

The Difference Between Toner cartridges, Powder Box and Drum Unit

Maybe you will feel confused when you heard these words like toner cartridges、powder box and drum unit firstly like me. In fact, these are professional terms of printer’s constituent part, and if you have known these words, it is good for you to understand the constitution of a printer.

What’s called for toner cartridge? Toner cartridge is generally involved carbon powder and drum. And the separation of drum is divided into powder box and drum unit. For the powder box, which its function is separate the laser printer cartridge components and is filled with carbon powder and the drum is full of drum core and this drum rack is mainly in the powder box. So the standard method of toner can be divided into two types: and integral cartridge and a separate cartridge. The one-piece toner cartridge is used to integrate the powder box with the light-sensitive drum on a device, and HP products are mostly integrated toner cartridge. When the toner is finished or the drum is damaged, the two need to be replaced together, while the separated type cartridge , and Toner cartridges for brother are the typical instance ,is a separate type of drum and toner, which can be taken apart, you can continue to use it as long as the toner drum.

But when you exchange your toner cartridge or powder box and drum unit in different cases? If you use a Lenovo LJ3900 ink toner cartridge with a drum core, you should change powder box when the printer hint that there is no ink, because the life of drum is around one thousand standard pages, and the power box is determined according to the amount of toner. You just need to get a new powder box for your printer and the price of drum is more expansive than the powder box. Besides look at the toner cartridge and check if there is corresponding leakage powder or there are black spots, wipe and clean at first. If there are still appear printing have black edge phenomenon, it’s having need for you to change a new and suitable toner cartridge. What’s more, some toner cartridges need to replace the chip of drum unit to use normally. If just above the drum core is broken, you can change the drum core, there is no need to change completely, for drum core is much cheaper than a new drum. But treating different cases differently, if you find a separate cartridge, such as brother dr630, broken or appearing drum aging and black line, it’s time for you to change a new one.

So when your printer a problem with you printer, you should careful analysis the specific problems to find out which part had question ,toner cartridge, powder box or a drum and suit the remedy to the case.